#TuesdaysTruth: A Starting Percent

If you know me, you’ll know I love doing things. Whether on a small, medium or large scale, I just want to explore and create. Basically, just doing things all my life. Right now, I am planning to start my own business, mentor a group of young girls and eventually complete a book.

As a person who enjoys trying out new things and leaving my comfort zone, I find that I have projects written down in my journal and on my laptop but I never actually start them.


I’ve never felt like it was the right time to make a move on them. I sometimes feel like everything has to be perfect for me to start. Do you feel like this too?

Well, today’s Tuesday Truth is: You’ll never feel 100% ready. You just have to start. Just do it.

Everyday, we walk our journey, trying to get better at jobs, make time for family and friends, have a spiritual connection with God and still achieve those goals (Adulting can be consuming).

But then it hit me (maybe like a lightbulb moment) that I’ll never always have the time, resources or even the support to do many of the things I have planned to do. I realized that as I get older, I’ll have less and less time to spend/spare, so instead of waiting for the perfect time, which may never come, why don’t I just start. And you never know, with true commitment and the right mindset, it might eventually turn out to be a right step in the right direction.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that when the right time comes we’ll know. But when really is the right time to start reaching your goals? When really is the right time to reach financial independence? It’s NOW. The best time to begin is Now.

Many of the businesses you admire started when the founders were still finding their footing, putting thoughts into actions or even feeling out of the creative space because of the imposter syndrome (this is generally under emphasized in entrepreneurship). They were never really certain but they started.

We’ll never be a hundred percent ready. We just have to do it. All you need is a starting percent.

So do you think we should wait till everything is perfect before we take a first step? Or is it better to start and strive now?

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Wake Up

Hello Earthlings. It’s been a long-ass week, more of a can-this-just-be-over week. But I finally get to write!! So everything is good. Do you know how much joy this gives me? I’m actually elated.

So down to today’s business.

Have you ever had dreams that felt so real but then you wake up and you’re not living the dream? Yeah, I’ve had a lot of that recently. Oftentimes, when that reality hits me, I end up feeling silly for even thinking that it was real (especially if it was a good dream).

Well, my dreams taught me one thing: Don’t be too stuck in the future. Live in the present (it’s a gift). Slow down and enjoy the gift placed right before you.

Dreams talk about what’s to come but you have to live in the present to see what is to come. Being stuck in what’s to come rids you of the fun and growth that comes with living for now.

Do not get me wrong, living for now doesn’t mean you discard thoughts about the future. It doesn’t mean you live for only now cause you still have to plan (you know, for the future). You need to save some money, plan for the family, build your career, and all these require planning but you can’t always be in the future. You’ll certainly not be fulfilled.

You need to wake up and smell the coffee. Living for now means: do not be overly stuck in thoughts about tomorrow that you forget to fully maximize today.

Love the present. Spend time with loved ones, get better at your job, go out and meet new people, take a walk to the beach, go to the gym…. take care of today. Spend more time in the present.

Be intentional about today. Don’t dream a hundred percent of the time. Wake up.

So what do you think? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments. Is enjoying and maximizing the present our pathway to the future? How much time should we spend thinking of the future? Is the future more important than the present?

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Taken, Not Taken

Yesterday, I got a job notification on my LinkedIn account. The notification was from an advertising agency I had the opportunity to work for, but did not, because I had decided to take the offer from my current agency.

At that moment, I began to think about the road I had taken and the one not taken. Decisions taken. Choices not made (remember Robert Frost’s Poem “The Road Not Taken”?)

This ponder of mine is not as a result of being unfulfilled in my present road. The opposite is actually the case. I love the road taken. The road has brought with it good times, great people and visible growth.

Yet, the thought of what could have been holds sway over what is.

I wonder what the road untaken holds.

The thought of this road always seems to be glamorous, filled with more excitement and countless adventures. Isn’t this just my head playing tricks on me?

Do two different roads exist to leave us wondering what possibilities and opportunities we have but will never know of?

Many a time, you will have to choose between two roads. And at those moments of choice, you might wonder what the right road is.

You would wish you could tell the end of a road from its beginning. You would have questions like:

1. What does the road not taken hold?

2. Would it be better than the road about to be taken? or

3. Would I have wished I had taken the other road?

But my plea to you is to pick a road, work smart, learn and live while traveling on that road, these will make all the difference.

I’ll love to hear from you about the dilemma of choosing between two roads and what you think about the road you’ve taken.

For me, the road I have taken has been eventful. I’m not done with the road but the road has changed me for the better through its good and the not too good. Without fear or favour, I still choose to walk this road.

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Hello fellow Earthlings! I promised to write once a week and so I’m back here. Today I’ll be starting a new segment called Tuesday Truths. Excited? Yes I am! It promises to be helpful as this is the reason I write: to help you live your best life.

What inspired this segment? First, I believe we hold many things dear in life but I’ve come to realize that no matter how highly opinionated we might be, there are certain simple truths that we believe could help us gain higher heights. Second, life doesn’t come with a guide or a manual but some simple proven truths have always helped to make life a lot more easier to navigate.

Today’s Truth: Writing is a game of consistency. You do not become better in the art if you do not engage in the act.

I think I chose this as the first truth because that’s all (apart from the pictures /videos) we do on the blogosphere. Also, it would definitely be great to start at the form of communication which led to this amazing community of writers.

As a blogger who earns a living writing, I have always wanted my writing to shine like a rockstar (like Freddie Mercury, Jimi Hendrix… Rock and Roll was definitely fire with these guys). Ultimately, I’ve realized that for this to happen, I need to pen down my thoughts. No matter how clumsy, random, or mundane they seem to be.

I need to write.

Writing is a skill that needs to be practiced. Abstaining from the act leads to a poor mastery of the art. Sometimes, words do not give justice to my thoughts as deeply as I want them to; but irregardless of this painful observation, great pieces start when you take the first step: writing.

It is very human to doubt the work of your pen, and it could be disheartening or sometimes even scary when you find it hard to express the thoughts in your beautiful mind.

I’ve stared at the blank pages of my notepad waiting for an idea to come. I sit there feeling embarrassed like a lady who was disappointed by her date. She keeps looking at her wristwatch, waiting for a hand on her shoulders and an “I’m sorry I’m late” speech but shit happens and he never shows up.

Well, these days would come and you could be ditched by an idea. But you have to write. You have to write about not even having an idea.

Do you want to write great pieces, pieces that inspire, pieces that make people smile from one corner of their mouths to the other, and pieces that encourage others to challenge the status quo the world has come to accept?

The one simple truth is: you have to write. Whether on your notepad or your laptop, just write. I believe that this simple truth will make the writing journey easier, not just for writers like me but for anyone who believes they have stories to tell.

What do you think about today’s truth? Kindly comment.

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Lose You to Find Me.

Happy New Year my fellow Earthlings. Cheers to 2020. I’m happy we made it!! I wish you a year that brings you joy, love and day-to-day growth.

My post today is inspired by Selena Gomez’s song “Lose You To Find Me”. I find it reflective and empowering. It speaks to my thoughts for 2020.

It is a new year and everywhere I look, most especially on social media, everyone is making resolutions. Resolutions to be better, to make more money, to fulfill goals and dreams.

However, the euphoria of the new year is not magical nor is it enough to help you achieve your goals. You have to take the reins of your journey and hence, DIY- Do It Yourself.

Have you ever wondered why at the end of the year, many resolutions are not fulfilled. For one, I don’t make new year resolutions as whatever you plan to do in the new year can also be started in the previous year or the year before that, as time really waits for no one. Not even the new year.

You’ve to be intentional about making progress, not just making resolutions but ensuring that you lose the habits inhibiting your growth and then finding yourself.

What do you need to lose to find yourself in 2020?

The key to fulfilling many goals and aspirations or even resolutions this new year will be to find yourself and not the arrival of a new year. To find yourself means to lose some things- habits, mindset, beliefs etc.

You need to find yourself to achieve your goals. So turn those untoward habits down. Never bend to those crippling mindsets. Lose them. Consequently, losing these things will help you find yourself and ultimately lead to a fulfilling year.

What do you need to lose to find yourself this new year? I’ll be in the comments.

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Love Like An Unplanned Blog post

Hello, it’s good to be back here writing something for you to read. I didn’t really plan to write today (yeah, I know you’ve been waiting for a post). Yeah, and that’s the reason this post is coming in now.

So what changed my plan? The movie- Plus One. (Rated 90% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Maya Erskine (Alice) and Jack Quaid (Ben) in Plus One. RLJE Films.

This is not a movie review, but while watching, I was writing in dribs and drabs and I just couldn’t wait to share my thoughts with you all.

You know that year which falls in your late twenties, where it seems like all your friends connived to get married, and then you keep getting invited to their weddings…. yeah, that one! That was Alice’s and Ben’s reality in the movie.

So to help themselves get over these countless weddings, these two close friends from college decide to face their wedding plagues together, by being each others plus one at every wedding they got invited to.

Maybe because I am a hopeless romantic or because I adore Rom-Coms, but I think Plus One is pretty decent and worth watching. When I saw the title, I knew it was definitely gonna be about a boy and girl, you know, falling in love, jumping hurdles and finally getting it right together but I didn’t know it was gonna be so settling.

Alice and Ben at one of their countless weddings. RLJE Films

Closure. Yeah, that’s the word. Closure (saying it twice makes me feel better).

This Rom-com gives closure, especially to those who are in relationships but still aren’t sure of how everything would end up. It speaks to when you have a partner with whom every day feels like the unfolding of a scene, and every act, be it 1 or 2, is never really planned but just happens.

We never plan love, do we? Ben had unrealistic expectations and (aided by Alice) always felt the need to orchestrate a collision or bump in/run in with a girl so as to fall in love. But they were wrong because after a bunch of weddings, these friends realized that they were in love with each other. And that was never planned.

To me, planning works better for things or events that are time-bound. For example, I know at the end of the month I’ll receive a paycheck and so I have to come up with a plan on how I could live a decent life, feed my cravings (yeah, cravinggggssss) and still have a lot left for rainy days.

Love is not something you put on your to-do list, on a schedule nor anything close to that. It’s a lot simpler. Love is like this writeup, it is unplanned.

Do you think love can be planned or should be planned? I’d love to hear what you think. Kindly share in the comment section. No pressure but if you enjoyed reading this, like, comment and share.

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My First Post…gets better

So this is my first post on the blog. It is strange that my head is quite full but I am still not sure of what to write. So I’ll just write as it comes.

I work as a copywriter at an advertising agency and yes, earning a living as a writer is one of the craziest things you can do in life. It’s certainly number 2 of my 1000 Ways to die after wrestling with a bull (this still tops my list).

Sometimes I wish I could be paid to be a pirate, an eyepatch on my right eye is not so big a price to pay. At one point, I even considered being a NASA test subject as this comes with the side perk of seeing men in space suits, but it didn’t work out.

I wonder why there are so many writers because, without mincing words, writing is not as easy as it looks.

Ideas are not that easy to come by, even the good ones don’t come first, they make us search and scramble all over for them. Ideas are deviants; they are non-conformist, eccentric and hard to come by.

For people like me, who were not born with magical writing prowess or storytelling gland, writing could be very tedious. How lucky was Cinderella to have had a fairytale godmother who appeared when she needed help. My life could have been better if I had a supposedly “writingtale” godmother.

A swing of her wand could have saved me from those miserable moments of conjuring words I felt were profound but deep down were shitty or kaka like Bastard would say in “We need new names”. (Side note: you should definitely read this book by Noviolet Bulawayo)

But I love writing. I love the process of putting my pen to paper or like right now, tapping the small boxes of keys on my phone. Writing makes me happy, it feels me with so much adrenaline and though sometimes it might be a slur or a chore, I love it.

Three decades to come, I’ll still want to be a freaking writer.

Hey, thank you for reading. No pressure but if you enjoyed this, kindly like, comment and share. See you soon.

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